Chicken Pox…What???

A Couple of days ago, I noticed a couple of bumps on my 10 year old’s back. He said they were itching. I scratched his back for him, he said he felt better, and I thought nothing else of it. He has been outside everyday riding his bike or on his Shred Sled so, I thought he had gotten a couple of bug bites. I mean, it’s Texas, it’s humid and it’s has already been in the 100’s. Plus, there are bugs here…tons I have never seen before.
Well, yesterday when he woke up, I noticed that the bumps had spread and were now all over his back and a few on his stomach and shoulders. He still acted fine. No fever, he was laughing, wanting to play outside, etc. He would just complain every once in a while that they were itchy.
I showed my husband and he said it looked like a heat rash. That made sense to me. My sons room is on the 2nd floor at the very back of the house. Even with the air on it’s still very hot in his room. We figured it was because he was sweating at night and just developed a rash.
Last night, I had him sleep downstairs on the sofa where it is much cooler and there is a ceiling fan above as well. Still more bumps, still in the same area…back, chest, shoulders, arms.
I called and found him a pediatrician who could see him today. (Thank you Dr Holt. )We just relocated from IA about a month ago and I haven’t had a chance to set up new doctors for the family.
As, soon as we were in the office, the nurse looked at his rash and said…”Has he ever had the Chicken pox?”
I said, ” No, he received the immunization when he was a baby. I thought if they received the immunization, they couldn’t get the chicken pox.”
She said, “Let me get the doctor….”
The doctor, comes in and examines the bumps very carefully, asks us all kinds of questions,then says,” Yep, he has the Chicken Pox. ”
I found out that kids my sons age (around 10) were only given one dose of the vaccine(and can still contract the virus). They are now giving kids 2 doses (1 when they are infants and another when they turn 4). I had no idea because my daughter, our only other child, is only 2 1/2.
I found out that the severity of the Chicken Pox is lessened when they have had the immunization, which is why my son has no bumps on his face or legs, or hands, etc. It is also why he has no other symptoms like the fever, feeling tired, achy, etc. The doctor also said that because the symptoms are so much less severe that people don’t even realize it is chicken pox and that is why it can spread so easy.
He also told my son that he would miss his last 2 days of school and that since he has the chicken pox, he would no longer need to get the second vaccine shot. That made my son smile.
Now, we are home, I have bought him some Caladryl lotion and we are waiting for it to take it’s course. Chicken Pox…who knew?!?!

***Just a side note. Blogger did return my blog to normal. (See previous post) I am however, double posting everything until I can figure out how to get all of my materials onto WordPress. Just incase it happens again.***


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I am a happily married SAHM with 2 kids ages 10 and 2. I love my family and friends. I also love reading reviews and entering giveaways.
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